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"Before Invisalign, I never showed my teeth when I smiled.  Now I can't stop!"



Cosmetic Botox

With Cosmetic Botox, more is not always ‘more’.  Less can be the key to the natural, beautiful results we work hard to achieve.  We spend the extra time to formulate a treatment plan customized just for you.



Invisalign can transform a wide variety of smiles in as little as

6 months. 

Not only do Invisalign smiles look beautiful, they are also healthier! Having your teeth in proper alignment affects the health of your mouth and your whole body.


Therapeutic Botox

Are you tired of popping pills to desperately try to reduce your facial pain?

Therapeutic Botox relaxes muscles that cause headaches, migraines, and bruxism (clenching & grinding).

Come chat with Dr. Mandeville to see if Botox Therapeutic could help you.


Professional Dental Whitening

We offer both in-office and take home whitening kits by Beautiful Bright Smile, a West Coast Canadian company.  With 3 options for whitening gels - Advanced, High Performance, & Peroxide free - we can completely customize your treatment.

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